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Pamela Savage


Dagsboro, DE 19939-9802
United States



Descendents of Zipporah and Jonathan B. Lewis of MD/DE

*All notes are taken verbatim from old family papers

Jonathan B. LEWIS,Abt.1800 in Gray's Neck,near Williamsville, DE.
 died at sea around 1847
Zipporah LEWIS(Zippy, Zeporah LEWIS)-1850 Census Wor. Co,MD
 born 1813, died at farm in Box Iron (?)
  1. Jacob W. LEWIS, born 1829 Delaware, died at sea
  2. Jonathan B. LEWIS, born Feb. 3 1832, drowned July 10,1884
  3. George Washington LEWIS, born June 28,1835, died March 5, 1897
  4. Mary E. LEWIS, born 1839 in MD.
     married James SAVAGE (Savage line in bold text below)
  5. Gincy C. LEWIS (POINTER), born 1846
     married George (Jack) POINTER

1850 Census of Wor Co. MD. also says William JESTUS (JUSTICE) born 
1837 in DE. was living in the Zipporah Lewis house.  In 1860 Census,
Jacob, Mary & Gincy were single and living with Zippy in Maryland.

Jonathan Lewis lived at Gray's Neck in back of Sound Church, Williams-
ville, DE. He always went to sea. Once he went and never returned. 
Zippy felt sure he was drowned in a storm (probably between 1846-1850
since Gincy's birth in the year 1846, but he is not listed in 1850
1. Jacob W. LEWIS
   A sailor. At home in 1860 census.Died at sea
   married Lydda
    1. William LEWIS, Born 1860
    2. Rufus LEWIS, born 1863
    3. Zaphora (Zipporah) Lewis born 1864
    4. Lydda E. Lewis, born 1865
2. Jonathan B. LEWIS born Feb.3, 1832,Wor.Co. Md
   drowned at Bethany Beach,DE. fishing with net July 10, 1884. 
   Married Dec. 9, 1857
   Susan TINGLE born Sept. 20, 1837 Omar,DE. died May 4,1892 
   daughter of Benjamin D. and Mary TINGLE
   both are buried at Mt.Zion Cemetary, Bayard, De
    1. George H. LEWIS, born Nov. 17, 1858,died March 1881
       married Jane WILGUS
    2. Mary Isabel LEWIS born March 9 1860 DE
    3. Annie Kate LEWIS born Feb.20,1863,at old Long House, Bethany
       Beach, DE. died Nov.4 1954 married Jan.1 1883 Andrew HALL EVANS
       buried in Presbyterian Church Cem. Ocean View DE.
    4. Martha Jane LEWIS, born Jan 4,1865, DE
       married George WILGUS
    5. Jonathan BETTS LEWIS, born Jan 1,1867 DE
       married Mary A. (Mame)RUST.
    6. Caleb Theodore LEWIS, born Oct.30,1870 DE
       married Jennie STEPHENSON
    7. Lemuel Wharton LEWIS, born Jan. 18,1873 DE
       married Mame DOLBY
    8. Laura Lavenia LEWIS, born Dec.2, 1877,DE died Nov.12, 1954 in
       Maple Shades, NJ buried in Mariners Cem in Frankford DE.
       married John Timothy (Lem) DOLBY
    9. Belle LEWIS born ? DE
       married Silas/Saul HITCHENS

Jonathan LEWIS was a farmer. He lived at Lewes, DE on a boat for a 
while. Later he lived in Bayard, DE. Was drowned July 10, 1884. May
have been at Bethany Beach, Sussex Co. DE. Buried at Mt. Zion Cemetary
(Ollie Hickman Farm) Bayard, DE. His wife Susan is buried there also.
3. George Washington LEWIS married August 16,1866 in Wor. Co. MD  
   Pruda Selby BUNTING, daughter of John & Gettie BUNTING
   born Dec.2, 1840 MD. Died Aug. 12, 1882
    1. Selby John LEWIS born 1860 MD. (living in 1870 Census)
    2. Gatty A. LEWIS born 1862 MD. (living in 1870 Census)
    3. Charles Gardner LEWIS, born July 29, 1869 DE died. 9-5-1924
       Mary L. GIBBS, married April 21, 1897
        1. Willie LEWIS, born 1-28-1899, died 6-08-1989
           married Angnus EDWARDS, born 10-06-1898, died 03-12-1983 of Zanesville, Ohio & W.Ocean City Md
        2. Ernest LEWIS born 9-28-1903, died 8-8-1980
           married Lillian RICHARDSON of W. Ocean City, MD.
        3. Vesta LEWIS, 
           married Kenneth ADKINS of near Ocean City MD.
NOTE; Charles LEWIS worked in North Beach Coast Guard Station, South 
of Ocean City, MD.
    4. Harry Camp LEWIS, born Nov.1 1871, died Feb. 12, 1953
       Minnie Mae CAMPBELL of Long Island, NY
       married June 24, 1903
       no children
NOTE; Dr. Harry LEWIS was a dentist (made teeth). Lived at the St.
Martin's Neck below Bishopville, MD. next to Harry SELBY'S store. He 
worked with DR.HORN, a dentist in Baltimore. Mae (as she was called)
was a registered nurse from Long Island NY
    5. Peter Baltz LEWIS born July 1873
       Mary Lou DAVIS (Lou) of New York
       married November 22, 1904
       no children
NOTE; A dentist. Peter was accidently killed, mistaken for a deer or
moose, on a hunting trip in Maine.
    6. Joseph LEWIS born Sept. 10, 1875, died April 7,1942
    7. Mary Elizabeth LEWIS (Lizzie)
       Henry RILLEY  of Girdletree, MD.
       married July 19, 1904
         1. Wilhetta RILLEY
            married Arthur Robinson
         2. Hazel RILLEY
            married Foster OUTTEN
         3. Leonard RILLEY died June 19, 1984
            married Margarette ?
     8. Lenorah Belle LEWIS born July 6, 1881, September 3, 1888
2nd wife, Sarah WHITE DELAND, born Aug. 29, 1849,died Mar. 11, 1927
     1. Sarah Ellen LEWIS, born 1886, buried at Mt. Zion Cem Bayard DE
     2. Dollie Gertrude LEWIS born 1887, died 1964 
        married Peter QUILLEN
     3. George Bellstory LEWIS, born 1890
4. Mary E. LEWIS (first husband- Wm. Gray HUDSON)born 1839 in MD.
   James SAVAGE
     1. Charlie SAVAGE (CR) buried in Roxana DE
        married Rachel ? of N.J. lived in Williamsville, DE., buried
        in Roxana DE.
         1. Raymond SAVAGE married Catherine BUNTING, daughter of Jack
            Ocean City, MD.
         2. Edward Franklin SAVAGE married Dorothy TYRE
            had 16 children
            No# 15 is Paul Savage, born 1955
     2. Jonathan SAVAGE
        married Angie MURRAY, daughter of Annanias and Annie MURRAY
         1. Wilson SAVAGE married Frances PALMER, daughter of Big 
            Frank PALMER, St. Martin's Neck, Bishopville, MD.
         2. Russell SAVAGE married Nettie HUDSON, daughter of Charles
            and Lina HUDSON of St. Martin's Neck, Bishopville, MD.
         3. Frank SAVAGE married Doris GRAY (Elisha Gray's widow)
         4. Eva SAVAGE married Jonah Lewis
         5. Agnes SAVAGE married Ren COLLINS (Devil Lev's son)
         6. Elizabeth SAVAGE married Howard GIVENS of Little George-
            town, MD.
         7. Ethel SAVAGE married John MIRCHLENSKI of Little Georgetown
      3. Edward SAVAGE 
         married Anna Elizabeth HEARN, daughter of Wm. Handy HEARN and
         Nancy ROGERS
         1. Leah SAVAGE married Wm. Gray HUDSON (grandmother Mary
            LEWIS SAVAGE'S first husband????)
         2. Edna SAVAGE married Denard QUILLEN (in World War I)
         3. Thurman SAVAGE and Nelda JESTER, of Chincoteague, VA.
         4. Ed SAVAGE and Edna CLARK of Chincoteague, VA
         5. Willie SAVAGE
            died of pneumonia at age seven
         6. Lewis SAVAGE
            died of pneumonia at age five
      4. Archie Frank SAVAGE SR. (Frank) born June 18, 1880 
         died April 1, 1967, buried in Roxana, DE
         married Myrtle Ethel LYNCH, died right after baby
         1. Myrtle Ethel died at 6 months, both buried in Roxana
         married Gretchen Virginia WAINWRIGHT (born July 15, 1890
         father, John Homer WAINWRIGHT, stepmother, Jenny DOWNES)
         m. Jan. 3, 1911 in Roxana DE.(witness Rachel and Charles 
         SAVAGE)  died March 26, 1969 buried in Roxana, Delaware
         1. Viola Catherine SAVAGE (CLARK) born Oct.19 1912
            married Otho Francis NELSON,drowned 3-25-1930,found 4/19/30
            1. Frank NELSON born June 3 1928,married Peggy 
            2. Elton NELSON born Nov. 7, 1929 married Reiko (Osaka-Japan)
            married William James CLARK born April 22, 1911, Phila,Pa
            (father Herman CLARK, mother Rachel BOGGS
            1. Ella Mae CLARK born Jan 21, 1934 m. Daniel MCMENAMIN
            2. Norma Lee CLARK born Dec 17, 1936 m. Charles MULHERON
            3. Joyce Ann CLARK born Mar. 25, 1940 m. Larry WORRELL
            4. Karen Lynn CLARK born Oct 26, 1948 m. Mike KENNEDY
         2. James Frank SAVAGE born April 23, 1913
         3. Hilda Mae SAVAGE (MARVEL) born April 1, 1917
         4. Myrtle Ethel SAVAGE (HITCHENS) born May 23, 1919
            married (2-27-37) Norman John HITCHENS born 2-27-37
            (father John HITCHENS-mother Minnie HUDSON (HITCHENS)
            1. Charlie-(Buck)F. HITCHENS born 11-16-1937 
               married June EVANS WHORTON
            2. Ralph James HITCHENS born July 31, 1939
               married Ellen R. PALMER
            3. Brenda A. HITCHENS born Feb. 12, 1948
               married Glen W. TAYLOR
            4. Ricky A. HITCHENS born July 24, 1959
               married Laura Lee DEWITT
         5. George Edward SAVAGE born Oct. 31, 1923
            killed in Service US Navy 1945
         6. Irma SAVAGE (TIMMONS) born Dec. 20, 1925
            married (4-15-1949, Bishopville, Md.)Harry Wilmer TIMMONS, 
            born Nov. 26, 1923, (father-Violetus TIMMONS
            mother- Grace Irma MALIN (TIMMONS))
            1. Deborah Grace TIMMONS married Bruce TRUITT
               1. Jason TRUITT
               married George LOWRY
               1. Clayton Aaron LOWRY born Jun 14, 1982
               2. Jonathan Bentley LOWRY  born Nov. 9, 1985
            2. Stephen Harry TIMMONS  born Feb. 11, 1953, married
               Mary Jo HAMADOCK born July 29, 1951
    twin 7. Ormil SAVAGE born Dec. 20, 1925
            married Irene BREASURE born Oct. 14, 1926, died
            1. Connie Lou SAVAGE (LATHBURY) born 7-31-46
            2. Wanda Sue SAVAGE (WEBER) born 3-27-50
            3. Ormil SAVAGE Jr. born 5-13-56
         8. Archie Frank SAVAGE JR. born Feb. 14, 1928,died Aug 2,1974
            married Mary Lenora BOYETTE born Jan. 27, 1930
  Me!          1. Pamela Irene SAVAGE born Dec. 3, 1955
               married Richard Alan SPEIGEL, Aug. 19,1985,
               divorced oct. 29, 2004 
               1. P. Cody SPEIGEL, born Feb. 6, 1986
               2. R. Hunter SPEIGEL, born April 17, 1988
               3. Taylor Paige SPEIGEL, Jan. 16, 1993
            2. Frank Edward SAVAGE, born June 29, 1959
            3. Patrick James SAVAGE, born Nov. 13, 1960
               married Cathy (Katie) WILKINS Nov. 5, 1985
                       died August 12, 1999
               1. Megan BOYETTE SAVAGE born June 26, 1988
            4. Michele Rene SAVAGE born Aug. 15 1962
               married Robert STEFFENS April 10, 1988
               1. Derek Johan STEFFENS
         9. Gretchen Virginia SAVAGE born Nov. 24, 1929  

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