Where to turn...............

It's scarey! You're freaked. My experience started with a phone call from the reading specialist. She said that Hunter was not showing any progress in reading and she thought he should be "held back". Well I had noticed that he behaved strangely when he was reading. He would move his head this way and that, lose his place OFTEN, sometimes he would even fall out of his chair! I kept saying "Sit up, hold your head up." It was torture! For both of us! He's so bright, what could be wrong? That Sunday I read an article in the paper about children with Dyslexia. They were discribing Hunter! So I went to the school and asked to have him tested. Then I went to the library and checked out every book I could on Learning Disabilities. Something I would suggest all parents do. One of the books was Rudolf Flesh's "Why Can't Johnny Still Read". It was eye opening.

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