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Take a Kid (or YOUR WIFE) Fishing!

I LOVE DELAWARE! Life is good here. We live close to the ocean, along the Indian River Bay. Our lives revolve around the water. My husband and I both come from long lines of sea captains and watermen. We will never go hungry. The summer I remember the best was during the "hard times" when we first got married. Everything we ate, we either caught or grew in the garden. Our diet consisted of blue crabs, fish, clams, mussels and fresh vegetables. Back then, Rick was a commercial boat captain and his catch was surf clams. They got 3 tractor trailer loads at a time and would sell them to Campbell's Soup for their clam chowders. He would catch sea scallops as a biproduct. Needless, to say, we got pretty sick of scallops, so he would trade them for lobsters, shrimp and oysters. Not a bad trade!
When we met, he was lobstering. He used to bring lobster tails over, and we would steam them up in a big crab pot. Apparently, the best way to my heart was through my stomach. It was either that or the champagne he used to bring to accompany it. Anyway, three years ago we purchased a Bayliner Trophy boat. We spend every free minute on the water (as long as the wind isn't blowing). That's me on the right with my favorite fish to catch, Striper (Stripe Bass/Rock). On the left is our youngest daughter, Taylor Paige, with a Black Drum. Rick caught that monster in the Delaware Bay. It weighted in at 82 lbs. He caught it on a pole as big as your little finger on a 17lb test. Those of you that fish, know what a fight that was! It took him over 2 hours to get it in the boat or as he refers to it...3 cocktails, 4 cigarettes and 1 wiz. The fleet around him cheered when he got it in.
Well, I better cut this short, Rick wants to go Trout fishing. (In Delaware, they call them Trout, everywhere else Weakfish) I love Trout fishing too, but it just doesn't seem right to use a perfectly delicious crab as bait! That's him below. He's running a Sport Fishing boat now called the Last $ Dollar We've been eating a lot of Tuna lately. Well, see ya out there! Oh....check out the next page. I went in and took all the addressES to Rick's bookmarks. LOL, wait till he finds out! There's a link to some wreck numbers (hee-hee!), tide charts, fishing reports, local fishing forums. Well, like I said, all his bookmarks! THAT WILL TEACH HIM NOT TO TRY TO SNEAK OUT AT 5 IN THE MORNING TO GO FISHING WITHOUT ME!

Mega Bites

More fishing pix, links to Loran numbers, Tide charts, Fishing Reports:

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