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Hollyhock's Garden

Hello Pam, I am sending you photos of my garden that I planted five years ago. As you can see from the first one there wasn't much there. But one spring day I got my husband and son out there digging. Then after they dug, I planted. Now I have a lovely perennial garden that does not require too much looking after. It needs a bit of weeding in the spring and dead-heading in the summer. It is mostly perennials with a few annuals planted to fill any gaps that there may be. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and we are called the "Garden City". If you ever come here you will see why. It is a very pretty city with lots of lovely gardens. I live with a husband of the non-gardening type but he is useful for the heavy work etc. I also have a 17 year old son, but he just wants to surf all the time. LOL I have a grumpy old cat and two crazy border collies. None of these last three have any respect for the garden. We have got plans for expanding the garden, but that takes time, money and energy, but will get round to it one day. The first picture is marking out the garden. The second is of it flowering during summer and the third is of a rose cutting that we found on a bit of waste ground nearby. We bought it home and planted it and every year it rewards us with this great show. I also love growing veggies and have a garden that supplies us with fresh veggies thru the summer months. I hope you like this small tour thru my garden. Hollyhock, I couldn't have said it better myself! It's beautiful! Thank-you for sharing your world!

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