Have I done the right thing, in deciding to homeschool?

The answer is "yes". The change in my son has been dramatic. When he was young, he was a happy go lucky kid. By the time I pulled him out of school he had become sullen and depressed. I never relized the stress that he was under. He was a visual learner, trapped in an auditory system of learning. Often, I feel I have to defend my decision to homeschool. Believe me, I didn't make it over night. Infact, when it was first suggested to me, I was against it. I kept that attitude for 2 years. Then one day, I sat beside a women who homeschooled on a 3 hour bus ride. I started asking her questions. I found that most of my preconceived ideas were way off. What about socialization? Hmmmm. Her kids seemed better adjusted than most. It planted the seed. I love to research and research I did. It became an obsession. I spent almost every moment I could for 4 months, reading everything I could get my hands on. I found out that public school is a rather new concept. It was started primarily, to save children from working in sweat shops. Poor families would send their children off to work, instead of teaching them the 3 Rs. Some of the greatest minds, were not only dyslexic, like my son, but homeschooled as well. Einstein, Alexander Bell, the Wright Brothers and Edison were all considered poor pupils in school. All ended up being taught at home. Not bad company! And what about socialization? Hmmmm. I thought about the kids in Hunter's class. Since he was a poor student, he was put in the lowest class, with the biggest behavioral problems. Kinda like the Future Drug Dealers of America. Is this who I want him to socialize with? Socialization, became one of my biggest reasons to homeschool. What about testing? Hmmmm. Homeschooled children average in the 85th percentile rankings. Public school children average in the 50th. What about a high school diploma and college. Hmmmm. There's the GED, and most colleges prefer people with GEDs because they took the INITITIVE to get it. They tend to have better study habits, too. They also tend to know how to find information, compared to waiting for someone to give it to them. Is homeschooling legal? In all fifty states. Infact, it's growing by 15% every year. Will he ever be able to get a job? LOL, that's a good one. Of the Forbes 500 richest people, 3% never finished high school or college. That 3%, makes more then the other 97% put together. Bill Gates and Micheal Dell are two of them.

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