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Allstar Plants

Some plants deserve special recognition. The Hardy Begonia is one of them! I bought the mother plant at Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, DE. I never got around to planting it, and placed the pot under a shrub. Needless to say, I forgot about it. The following year I was raking leaves out from under the bush and there it was! Still in it's plastic pot and it had had babies! Now I have hundreds of them. It was the best $3.50 I've ever spent!

Below is a picture of Hardy Begonias surrounding one of my hand cast Fairy Stone Books and hand cast edgers. I make these myself and have had inquiries as to where someone might purchase them. Unless you steal them from my yard, the only way you can get them is to contact me at I've added a link called "Flat Iron Farm Fairy Stones" with information about obtaining these unique garden accoutrements.


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